In the corporate world its bound to rear its head sooner or later. It’s the inner voice, the devil that sits on your shoulder – allowing your mind to fall back into old patterns through the lens of your outdated belief.

Emily (not her real name) illustrates the over powering grip some beliefs have.  Emily was a professional athlete and through her upbringing her parents always described her to friends ‘as the athlete of the family’.  She constantly had drummed into her ‘Making The Australian Pro Tour is your dream, and you are not smart enough to go to University – so I hope you make it’.


5 years on, this is how Emily lived her life. Everyone expected her to make the Pro Tour and exceed as a professional athlete. The challenge facing her now was feeling like she wasn’t living her own life and carrying some lower back injuries. There was a strong passion for her to take flight and live her life and get educated.

This is something Emily has been working on for years, and after retiring early from her golf career she went back to University. However, when she didn’t get a distinction – she would default back into the ‘I’m not smart enough mode’.

We have all seen or personally experienced the struggle to let go of beliefs even when they don’t serve us.

One of the most powerful tools that we have in our tool kit is the power of conscious thought. Given that our brains are plastic (the capacity to change) when we become of a mental pattern that is no longer working for us – we have the choice to change it. However there needs to be a concerted and consistent effort over a span of time in order to work out the old belief and work in the new.

This can be achieved through:

·      Learning to hear your fixed mindset voice

·      Recognise that you have a choice

·      Talk back to it with a growth mindset voice

·      Replace the word ‘failing’ with ‘learning’

·      Use the word ‘yet’

·      Cultivate a sense of meaning

·      Loving kindness meditation to oneself

·      Become more mindful