3 reasons why law firms are investing in Mindfulness

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Mindfulness training for law firms

The world is operating at a fast pace and lawyers are facing high demands, both for their time and performance. Expectations of increasing revenue, doing more with less and long work hours are eating into precious family and social time.

This heavy, performance based workload can lead to stress, burnout and anxiety.  In turn, performance suffers, mistakes increase, productivity declines, and eventually profitability is jeopardised.

For some, they cope by reaching for alcohol, drugs or sleeping pills to manage with anxiety. Others hide behind a mask of working harder and later at night, while relationships around them fall apart.

Lawyers, just like employees in the corporate world, need strategies and practices to help them cope with burnout and improving their wellbeing, which in turn improves the company’s productivity.

Law firms are now recognising the importance of mindfulness and the impact it has on their people’s resilience.

-       Mindfulness is a mental state of one focusing on the present moment.

-       Mindfulness helps lawyers react to; stress, change, adversity and threats differently. With their pre frontal cortex (rational part of the brain) strengthened they can respond with a calmer and more focused approach.

Companies all over Australia are taking notice of the benefits of mindfulness and resilience. Cook Medical, eBay, Dexus Property, Allergan, Graincorp, Aon, QBE, RMB Lawyers are just a few examples of the major corporates that are investing in mindfulness and resiliency initiatives with EQ Consulting co.

The reason why these companies are rolling out such programs is that they improve their employee’s lives. Employees are becoming happier, more productive, focused and stay with the company longer. As one client says,

‘Mindfulness training for lawyers is immensely constructive as it teaches you to be more focused, think with greater clarity and in turn produce work in a more efficient fashion. In a fast paced and at times stressful environment, mindfulness can retrain your brain to react in a more measured way and can improve working relationships with both colleagues and clients.' - Claire Osborne, Partner RMB Lawyers

Goals of Mindfulness and Resilience for law firms

-       When your employees are happy they stay. A higher retention rate means more productivity.

-       The aim is to have an environment that is flourishing where employees are energised, motivated and focused.  Burnt out and unhappy employees do not foster a good organisational culture.

-       Lawyers report they don’t need more money, they need more balance and flexibility. Employees are now hunting for firms that offer this.

-       Earn the reputation of a company that genuinely cares about its employees.

-       Create a work environment that is more productive and happier.

Our workplace programs are designed by psychologists and based on science. With 15 years of corporate experience, we understand the stress and demands that corporate employees face on a regular basis. We understand how precious time is for organisations. Our programs are designed to deliver mindfulness training in bite size pieces that can be incorporated into busy schedules. The workshops are delivered by Chelsea, an accredited mindfulness teacher who is currently studying a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and Neuroscience. The key message is that we approach mindfulness from a clinical perspective.

Our programs can be tailored to meet your firm's needs. Topics often include: Strategies to recognise and eliminate burnout, emotional intelligence for relationship building, mindfulness and productivity, squashing procrastination, understanding stress triggers, understanding communication styles, GUT health and the link to brain health, sleep strategies, assertiveness without aggression, breaking negative feedback loops, compassion for others, improve focus and memory. 

Contact us to discuss a package that suits you and to see our program brochure. 


Chelsea Pottenger