3 reasons why automobile industry's are investing into Mindfulness

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3 reasons why automobile industry’s are investing into mindfulness – What people from Mercedes Benz Sydney are learning about their wellbeing…

Chelsea Pottenger and Vaughan Blackman

Mercedes-Benz Sydney introduced a new initiative to improve the mental wellbeing of their professionals.

Mercedes-Benz Australia with a presence in all major capital cities and rural Australia, knows that in the fast paced world of sales and service their professionals are facing high demands for their time and performance.

Industry statistics reveal that one-in-four automobile professionals will suffer some form of stress, burnout, anxiety or depression this year in Australia. 

Mercedes-Benz Sydney is tackling this problem head on by ensuring a workplace that enables their professionals to take care of their mental wellbeing. It is incorporating a new program designed to assist professionals in managing stress, improving focus and productivity.

In fact, Mercedes-Benz Sydney is one of the first automobile companies to introduce the Mindfulness Training Program delivered by Chelsea Pottenger who is an accredited mindfulness teacher from EQ Consulting co.

Vaughan Blackman was introduced to Mrs Pottenger at an event for Brainwave, a charitable organisation helping children with neurological conditions, where both organisations have an invested interest.

Mrs Pottenger is studying a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and Neuroscience. She has worked with national companies such as eBay, Cook Medical, GrainCorp, AON, QBE and Dexus Property, to implement strategies and practices that improve the mental health and general wellbeing of employees in the workplace.

Mercedes-Benz Sydney Dealer Principal Vaughan Blackman said:

 “We wanted to find a way to assist our teams to deal with the pressures in the workplace and ensure they are happier and more productive at work. I was introduced to Chelsea through a charity and believed her program would be a great fit for the business. The program helps improve people’s mind, strength and performance by keeping them happy and healthy. Our professionals perform high volumes of complex work at a high speed and work long days. To ensure that we continue to deliver outstanding service to our clients, we need to keep our minds healthy, focused and sharp”.

Mrs Pottenger said the aim of the program for Mercedes-Benz Sydney was to improve internal conditions for performance such as focus, clarity of thought and reducing reactivity and perceived stress, which can lead to greater efficiency and productivity for the organisation. 

“Employees need strategies and practices to help them cope with burnout and improving their wellbeing. This mindfulness program will help employees react to stress, change, adversity and threats differently, so they can respond with a calmer and more focused approach. Organisations are now recognising the importance of mindfulness and the impact it has on their employee’s resilience,” she said.

Mercedes-Benz Sydney will continue to work with Mrs Pottenger to implement the Mindfulness Training Program over the course of eight weeks for frontline staff and managers.

About the contributors

Vaughan Blackman is the Dealer Principal at Mercedes-Benz Sydney. Recognising the importance for professionals to keep their minds healthy and sharp, the organisation has turned to mindfulness training.

Chelsea Pottenger established EQ Consulting Co in 2016, driven by a passionate belief in the need for businesses to invest in the psychological wellbeing of their people. Now working with leading organisations in Australia, she is exposing professionals to healthier de-stressing techniques, that enable them to thrive in this fast paced environment.