How Can Organisations Cultivate Positive Employee Health? Enter: Mindfulness

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Over the past couple of years, just as technology has soared, peoples need for calm, and mindfulness has also increased.

Many people are starting to realise that alongside a really intense tech-life, they also need a contemplative, calm life and ways to also disconnect.

It's now making sense why these two worlds are growing together and why mindfulness and meditation is now a $1 billion industry.

The more professionals engage technology, if they aren’t tending to their own mind and body, then this has consequences like disturbed sleep, less focus at work, more anxiety and harder to relax their nervous system. Professionals are also noticing an increased irritability when interacting with family or colleagues.

What employees are valuing now compared to a decade ago?

According to 'Great Places to Work Australia', employees are really searching for a proper balance in their life, where their career is about the long-term play, not the short-term burn out.

65,000 professionals surveyed in 2017, conducted by 'Great Places to Work Australia', showed employees rated ‘best places to work’ are where organisation’s are now investing in bike racks in the office, healthy food snacks in the kitchen, gyms, showers, natural light environments and meditation rooms.

More and more people are realising that the new iPhone 8 or new Porsche Macan, isn’t going to satisfy our search for happiness. It is really about an inner journey and an inner transformation that is important.

EQ Consulting Co’s mission is to create avenues and platforms where this can be explored for organisations.

“Tech companies like Uber, eBay and Warner Bros are working with EQ Consulting co because they believe that the more their people are connected to their body, they are more connected to colleagues and clients, and they are more creative in their field of work and making a better more conscious contribution to society. ” – Chelsea Pottenger, EQ Consulting co director.

 Mindfulness is a simple concept. It teaches us to be in the present moment. Anything in the past has gone, that’s where depression resides. Anything in the future, hasn’t happened yet. If we are always in the future, that is where anxiety exists. The only thing that truly matters is what is happening now. That is where peace lives.

These days, most of the tech leaders that we look to, are tapping into some form of meditation where they are harnessing a different level of intelligence. They believe this is a win-win practice.

According to Steve Jobs biography, he believed “Mindfulness and meditation doesn’t have to take away from your work. He found that meditation enabled him to hear the creative voice, the intuition, the vision and began to tap into a level of different intelligence.’

Why can’t you love both? Why can’t you love high tech, and also love inner peace and wisdom.

If you want to cultivate a greater work-life balance for your people, so they can have a more fulfilled work and home life, then EQ Consulting Co can tailor bespoke workshops to suit your organisational needs.


If you are more interested in a nature based retreat for your people, focusing on holistic health with a luxurious twist. This short break would be the perfect opportunity for your company to set the reset button as we journey into 2018.