The pressures affecting our teenagers and how Mindfulness can help

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Graincorp Australia, not only invests in their professionals, they invest in the families and children of their people.

While mindfulness is catching on and currently being taught in a couple of schools across Australia, it is largely up to the parents to teach this powerful tool.

Graincorp hired EQ Consulting co this week, to teach mindfulness tools as a powerful antidote to assist with pressures and constant change our children are currently facing.

In today’s high tech, frenetic pace world, it’s very easy to become addicted to technology and be over stimulated.

This is true for us, as adults, so imagine the impact on our children as they try and keep up with their devices and the environment that they are in. We all love our children, and want them to do well and be happy, so why not consider a tool that will equip them to become more mindful and more able to cope with life’s stressors and change especially during exam time.

Our teenagers are feeling pressures from every facet of life during high school years:

·      School pressures of exams

·      Getting good grades

·      Having to make career decisions at a young age

·      How they look and social media pressures

·      24hour access to friends and celebrities who may portray an unrealistic life on Instagram,  snap chat or facebook

·      Cyber bullying

·      The fear of getting anything wrong

·      Feeling that appearance is more important than other traits

·      Who is included in a party invite, messenger group, social activities

Some of the most common issues facing our teenagers are excessive worry, self-harm, anxiety, depression and suicide during peak study and exam periods.

How does stress impact memory?

 The amygdala is part of our ‘threat system’, its job is to keep us safe by being on guard and alarming us when danger is close and it then activates our systems flight, fight or freeze response.

When we are in high states of stress, our threat system is activated and our hippocampus (memory center) doesn’t work very well, so it goes off-line.

During exams, what kind of brain does your child need? One of clarity, focus and razor sharp memory.

The science

A simple way to explain What Mindfulness is and The Benefits for their brain can be found in this short video here:

What is Mindfulness

How do we teach to our children?

1.    Deep breathing

By deep breathing for up to 1 minute your children can activate their parasympathetic nervous system (calming breaks) within their body and decrease cortisol (their stress hormone). Its important to remember to breathe out longer, than what you breathe in for. I like to coach people, to Breathe in for 4 seconds, Hold for 2, and breathe out for 6 seconds.

2.   Guided Meditation

Meditation is an effective mental technique, that supports the capacity to stay focused on what you are doing and improve memory, focus and rational thinking. Children should start out with a guided meditation, practicing 3 minutes per day to start with.

Is your children’s wellbeing a priority and you have an interest in learning meditation, mindfulness practices, guided visualisations and breath work in a heavenly environment with them?

Meditation + Mindfulness Retreat

If you want to be invest in a ‘Take your Children” to work day, including a master class on mindfulness for your children so they can take these tools home. Email