Virtual Assistant: Time to outsource?


According to research, we have never been busier and asked to do more with less time and resources.

Having another clone of you to do all the stuff that fills up your time and more importantly your energy, would be a dream.

There has been a lot of buzz around filipino virtual assistants. While outsourcing has the obvious benefits of an organised and efficient work life, it also has the benefits of an improved mood and decrease in stress.

This began my research in Virtual Assistants a few months ago. I had some objections before I started this process:  How about if they scam my credit card or aren’t aligned to my brand? What do I actually get a VA to do? Are we supporting slave labour?

This is why I have put 3 key steps in place to help minimise any collateral damage for you.

1. Be smart with your credit cards.

Before handing over credit card details to your VA, you need to build up trust. Once trust has been established and you are ready for them to begin booking flights etc., inform your bank manager and accountant so they can be alerted by any suspicious behaviour on your credit card.

2. Use a trusted site.

It is really important you use a trusted recruitment company when hiring a VA. This is why I recommend this Virtual Staff Finder. If you use this link (click here) you will get priority listing. It’s a benefit of being part of EQ’s tribe. However if you wish to go at it alone, here are the details for the direct link.  

3. Be prepared.

Before initiating a VA service, for the next month take note of everything that takes up your time to start creating a job description and tasks that your VA can take over for you. Communication is key for your brand, so use things like to record on your computer step by step with how to do a task. Skype calls or Zoom are also an excellent way to communicate. 

5 things that have changed my life and efficiency of my business:

  • Booking flights, hotels, accommodation
  • Organising my calendar (scheduling appointments, briefing calls and personal meetings
  • Sends client invoices and does basic accounting
  • Making notes for me in CRM
  • Scheduling my social media on twitter, Insta, FB etc (I create the content and they schedule it for me)

How about the concern of slave labour?

The amount you pay your VA is usually the higher income bracket for off shore employees. It enables them to have the freedom and flexibility to work from home, so they can also support their families and children.Please note. It is critical to treat these people as employees and part of your team. If you treat them with respect and enable them to grow and up-skill, it becomes a mutually beneficial relationship. I would recommend paying around $200 USD per week for approximately 40 hours per week. 

If you are really having trouble coming up with ideas of what a VA can do for you, send me an email to and if there is enough interest, we will send out a check list.