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In 2017, Mercedes-Benz Australia received feedback from their people that stress was becoming an increasingly discussed topic in the workforce. Staff were becoming more distracted, less productive as a result of performance stress. Mercedes-Benz engaged with EQ Consulting to assist with workplace stress and to embed some relevant, practical tools for people to walk away with.




Driven by world-wide challenges, global trends, and key objectives, Mercedes-Benz is at the top of its game when identifying viable solutions and high end luxury products for the end consumer. Mercedes-AMG had its best year on record in Australia in 2017, on the back of an ever-expanding range and the markets desire to own high performance European vehicles saw the organisation opening up a new AMG site at the Sydney airport.

To keep up with these demands and high targets, Mercedes-Benz Australia looked at ways to offer healthier coping tools, so their best professionals didn’t burn out and to improve overall wellbeing within the organisation.

The key objectives:

  • Healthy habits to improve wellbeing at work and home
  • Improve focus and engagement at work
  • Sustain a productive workforce during peak sales cycles
We engaged Chelsea to provide us some guidance on how best to deal with workplace stress… Chelsea’s honest and balanced approached to mindfulness was able to break through to a diverse, (some tough minded) group of people and truly make a difference in their lives. Feedback from attendees of the 8 week course included, more focused at work, better home life, better habits, healthier lifestyle. Chelsea provides a tailored approach delivered in the business setting to work around requirements. It is a simple and very valuable program for a myriad of workplace issues. We look forward to continue our work with Chelsea in 2018.


EQ Consulting worked with Mercedes Benz rolling out an 8 week Mindfulness and Productivity program. It was delivered to 20 head office cross-functional employees, in fortnightly face-to-face workshops, supported by weekly follow up emails and an ongoing online mindfulness program after the course was complete to further embed the strategies learnt.


In total 20 people (to date) from the Sydney head office participated in the Mindfulness program in 2017.

Tailoring the program to specific needs of Mercedes-Benz was paramount to the success of the program. Due to the demand on sleep quality, one of the sessions was transitioned to address ‘sleeping for success’, practical tips and tools to get people the quality sleep they need.

Thank you, Chelsea - your mentoring has changed me to better appreciate mindfulness, and how positively impactful it is to both my personal and professional development.

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