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Chelsea what a breath of fresh air you were in my life today. A long story short, you have empowered me to change my world, and for the first time in a very long time I can see the beauty still left in life. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you.

EQ Consulting is trusted by these leading brands.


Sue France, Head of Retail Promotions

As a Tech organisation, I was interested to see how Mindfulness would be received by our staff. Chelsea quickly gained rapport with the whole room and her content throughout the course was a perfect mix of what to do, and why it works (the science bit!). This kept the whole team engaged and looking forward to the next class! In fact, this was the first time I have been on a course where the number of attendees went up week on week as people started to hear about the benefits of mindfulness and meditation and wanted to see what it was about.  Chelsea is a fantastic, knowledgeable presenter who genuinely cares about making a difference. Her work has changed our company culture for the better and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to create a more engaged and happy workplace.


Rachel Blackburn, Manager, Customer Products and Services
DEXUS Property

I first met Chelsea in July 2016 and from that very first meeting, it's been an enjoyable experience to have Chelsea work with DEXUS. Chelsea is accommodating, flexible, approachable and professional. The most valuable trait Chelsea has, is her ability to make the space safe - it was an absolute privilege to watch people from various teams across the business, with varied levels of hierarchy come together into a space that otherwise wouldn't, to learn, share stories, laugh and even shed the odd tear. On a personal level, I have developed my own meditation practice and morning ritual - Thanks to Chelsea. We look forward working with her again in 2017.


Samih Nabulsi, CEO
Cook Medical

Thank you for having such a great and positive impact around Cook. The feedback has been fantastic both around the course you are delivering but also about you personally as a warm and passionate person so it's great having you as part of the team.

Paul McMurray, Director of Sales & Marketing
Shangri-La Hotel

Chelsea was wonderful to work with and very flexible. Chelsea was flexible to customise a 1 day course that would give results to the business as well as something back to the team. The course was a short 1 day course covering half a day of basic sales training with the afternoon session being more about the individual through Mindfulness. The course was perfect for the time. Very well presented and everyone enjoyed and benefited from it. What I was really impressed with was it was a one day course and Chelsea has been available to the attendees after the fact.


Nick Walker, CEO
National Tiles

We were lucky enough to have Chelsea present to our teams today in QLD on 'Mindfulness and Productivity'. It was an amazing experience personally and the engagement and feedback from our most valuable people has been terrific. If you are serious about the wellbeing of your people then give a shout out to Chelsea. She has an engaging, down to earth approach to what can be a challenging topic to unpack! I can't want for the teams in VIC to meet her.


Kirsty Amland, National Sales Manager

Chelsea delivered an outstanding workshop for my team. Her detailed and consultative approach during the program design phase ensured the content was tailored to her audience. Combined with her honest and engaging delivery, this meant the team were actively engaged in the workshop and truly benefited. I would highly recommend Chelsea for anyone looking to improve motivation and focus in their team.


Lachlan Harris, Director of Sales and Marketing
The Langham

Chelsea and the EQ consulting program made a real impression on my team. The workshop was a lovely balance between goal setting, team building and mind and soul awareness. Her instant rapport and ability to engage made this course one of the most unique and beneficial training seminars I have been part of. Thank you Chelsea! We would love to have you back again!


Corporate Affairs Manager

Chelsea's honesty and authenticity captivated a very diverse crowd. The scientific-based advice makes her highly credible in a corporate environment and brings a secular approach to mental wellness. We would highly recommend Chelsea and the team to any organisation that would like to learn more about the link between mental wellness and productivity.


Nez Selbik, National Sales Manager

Chelsea came highly recommended by one of my team members. As a result Chelsea trained my sales team to enhance their skill set before and after seeing customers. My team found Chelsea to be warm, engaging and thoroughly professional. I would highly recommend Chelsea to any organisation that wants to see their employees excel.


Jane Law, HR Director
Ovolo Hotel

Thanks Chelsea! What a truly inspiring session with Chelsea Pottenger taking our senior leadership team through the Mindfulness and Productivity program. Chelsea's insight and facilitation style are excellent and her ability to connect with the whole team in a way that was meaningful for them is a gift. I would highly recommend Chelsea.


Andrew Antoniou, Managing Partner
Orchard Marketing

There is growing evidence around the importance of a balanced and healthy team and what Chelsea has taught through the workshops she has run in a way for everybody to learn useful tips, tricks and practices they can use to compliment exisiting initiatives designed to ensure Orchard remains a company that supports mental health and wellbeing.


Dave Barry, CEO
Alpine Shire Council, Towong Council and Indigo Council

The feedback on Chelsea's workshop was off the scale. She managed to connect with a very diverse group and the feedback around the office was almost euphoric. Even those that were unable to attend talked about 'gate crashing' the next workshop based on what they heard from their peers. It was a first for me to have so many people make the effort to come and thank me for training.


Nina Dent, Medical Device sales
Allergan (medical healthcare company)

Our mindfulness session with Chelsea was a game changer for myself and colleagues. It was tailored to our needs as a team and fit what we need to a tee. It was really refreshing to learn new techniques and skills to assist us in both personal and work environments. I found it really interesting to hear the science behind it all. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone and we can't wait for the next session with Chelsea.


Sheree Knobel, CEO
Bixie Colour

Thank you EQ consulting. We had the most amazing morning that led to the most amazing day!


Fiona Riley
Transport Women Australia

Thoroughly enjoyed Chelsea's workshop today. She made meditation sound more like something I can achieve and fit in, rather than this mysterious ideal that some talk about. Thank you for a very well 1hour spent. I'll never look at chocolate the same way : )


Claire Osborne, Partner
RMB Lawyers

Mindfulness training with EQ Consulting co for our lawyers was immensely constructive as it taught us how to be more focused, think with greater clarity and in turn produce work in a more efficient and content fashion. In a fast paced and at times stressful environment, Chelsea was able to explain how mindfulness could retrain our brains to react in a more measured way and improve working relationships amongst our team and with our clients.


Phil Caris, Global HR Director

Chelsea tackled the mindfulness program from a neuroscience and clinical approach, rather than a spiritual one, which really engaged even the biggest sceptics in the room. The coping tools were extremely practical and relevant for the corporate world. I can certainly see our employees utilising these tools in their day-to-day jobs. The mindfulness training will help our employees react to stress, change, adversity and threats differently, so they can respond with a calmer and more focused approach. Graincorp has recognised the importance of mindfulness and the impact its having on their employees resilience. If you value your people, you will hire Chelsea from EQ Consulting co”


Barry McGhee, National Manger
Triad Retail Media

The session with Chelsea was one of the best I have ever been involved in in terms of team response. I thoroughly recommend that you work with EQ Consulting co if you are interested in investing in your peoples overall wellbeing and creating a happier more productive team workplace.


Maria Enna-Cocciolone
Inskin Cosmedics

Chelsea and I booked a half hour coffee meet and greet which turned into a 3½ hour meeting, a three-day tour of Sydney-Melbourne & Brisbane and a unanimous group of happy inskin team members and partners. The most rewarding feedback I received from numerous individuals was “today changed my life!” We ALL loved the learning experience and the personal journey that covered stress, anxiety, sleep, gut health, gratitude and mindfulness. Chelsea is a remarkable individual and industry specialist and I cannot imagine any workplace or person that would not benefit greatly! Heartfelt thanx Chelsea for sharing your amazing skillset with INSKIN COSMEDICS!


Martin Joordan, General Manager
Matrix Surgical

The feedback from my team on Chelsea’s Mindfulness Workshop has been outstanding. Chelsea was able to connect and engage with each person in a calm and meaningful way. Chelsea explained the science behind Mindfulness and what that could mean for a busy group of professional sales people. I’m looking forward to having her back to present in 2018. I would highly recommend Chelsea to any organisation interested in the wellbeing of their people.


Vaughan Blackman, Dealer Principal

We engaged Chelsea to provide us some guidance on how best to deal with workplace stress… Chelsea’s honest and balanced approached to mindfulness was able to break through to a diverse, (some tough minded) group of people and truly make a difference in their lives. Feedback from attendees of the 8 week course included, more focused at work, better home life, better habits, healthier lifestyle. Chelsea provides a tailored approach delivered in the business setting to work around requirements. It is a simple and very valuable program for a myriad of workplace issues. We look forward to continue our work with Chelsea in 2018.


Kensi Naicker, GM
GE Healthcare

Organisations spend an inordinate amount of time analysing market potential, scope for growth and performance by metrics. The very human element is your people. How do they perform individually and as a team? Are they cohesive? How do they perform under stress? The biggest investment organisations can make is their people. Chelsea's tailored program was essential, long overdue and most importantly was met with enthusiasm from our team. Thank you Chelsea for your collaboration, expertise and energy in delivering real value for our people.


Kristy Mather, EA

I joined Chelsea’s mindfulness session at Uber, and I was blown away with how honest and genuine Chelsea is and how much she knows about the human brain. I was quick to get her back to Uber to coach some of our other teams. I would highly recommend working with Chelsea to any organisation. Uber value their people and this was a great way to show we care and also to improve our professional wellbeing and productivity. I couldn’t speak more highly of Chelsea and what she does, it is nothing short of amazing. She is providing relevant tools to help people change their lives.