Mindfulness for Productivity
Workshop Series

In order to perform at your best, you need sound scientific and practical tools to attain your organisational goals and upgrade the hardware in your people’s brains. We use Bio Feedback devices to show how your brain transitions under different forms of stressors.


Medical research now proves that those who practice mindfulness are less reactive, less stressed as well as more engaged, fulfilled and productive.


What will be delivered?

8 × 1 hour bespoke workshops based on Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction 

Thorough understanding of the neuroscience behind mindfulness

A tool kit, with a range of techniques to overcome stress, burnout and anxiety

A range of relevant techniques to improve memory, focus, creativity and productivity



Topics Include:

Mindfulness for Productivity

How to Thrive & Overcome stress


Accountability and Growth Mindset

High Performance Habits

Breaking Rumination

The Power of Full Engagement

Emotional Intelligence 2.0

Thank you for having such a great and positive impact around Cook Medical. The feedback has been fantastic both around the course you are delivering but also about you personally. Your passion and enthusiasm and the way you nurture people has been amazing, so its great to have you part of the team.

How we measure the program

  • Pre and Post surveys
  • Abseentism rates
  • Ongoing support outside of EAP

How we embed the program

  • Access to our chasing Calm Program after the workshop. A 21 day program that continues to develop participants mindfulness practice. 
  • Follow up emails to program attendees after the workshop’s with links to relevant TED talks, podcasts and books. 
  • A Mindfulness ambassador championed by the organisation that continues with mindfulness or mediation sessions within the company. 
  • Featured articles on mindfulness in company internal magazines.
  • Creating a ‘Mindfulness Space’ within the organisation where people are encouraged to take some time out to recharge during the day.


Duration of workshop

  • 8 x 1 hour workshops* 
  • 4 x 2 hour workshops
  • ½ day workshop (includes 4 topics)
  • Full day workshop (includes 7 topics)


This workshop will not only benefit your employees, it has a direct positive impact on your peers, their partners and children. Participants will find themselves going back to these skills again and again. With a workforce that is happy and productive, the sky is the limit for your organisation.