Sales Excellence
Workshop Series

As a professional, whether at work or in your personal life, you need to take total ownership of your sales success. Learn how to recharge your sales teams, to uncover your teams endless possibilities.



What will be delivered?

A structured and innovative approach to the sales process

Being in the moment

How to respond when a client says No

First impressions matter (NIDA acting tools)

The neuroscience of  visualisation and goal setting

A range of relevant techniques to improve memory, focus, creativity and productivity



Topics Include:

Getting to Yes

Ruthless Prioritisation

How to Close

Emotional selling to the Limbic Brain (where all decisions are made!)

Learn the difference between male and female brains

Growth mindset and success


Being in the Moment

Creativity and Innovation

Organisations spend an inordinate amount of time analysing market potential, scope for growth and performance by metrics. The very human element is your people. How do they perform individually and as a team? Are they cohesive? How do they perform under stress? The biggest investment organisations can make is their people. Chelsea’s tailored program was essential, long overdue and most importantly was met with enthusiasm from our team. Thank you Chelsea for your collaboration, expertise and energy in delivering real value for our people

How we measure the program

  • Pre and Post surveys
  • Impact on sales results post workshop
  • Refresher programs

How we embed the program

  • Follow-up emails to program attendees after the workshop’s with links to relevant TED talks, podcasts and books
  • Refresher and advanced selling programs 
  • Relevant topics from workshop feature in company internal magazines


Duration of workshop

  • ½ day workshop: 4 hours (includes 4 topics*)

  • Full day workshop: 8 hours  (includes 7 topics*)

*If your sales professionals need tools on how to be less stressed, and more engaged, we are happy to include topics from the Mindfulness program.


Using neuroscience, body language, mindful habits and expert sales coaching – we introduce cutting edge techniques to add value and drive your organisation's bottom line.

With a workforce that is intrinsically motivated and inspired, your organisation becomes unstoppable.